Finnair is one of the most innovative, safest and longest-operating airlines in the world. The airline specialises in flights between Asia and Europe, and its vision is to be the number one airline in the Nordic countries and the most desired option in Asian traffic. Finnair also strives to be among the three largest operators in transit traffic between Asia and Europe involving transfers during the trip. The growing Asian markets, fast flight connections and competitiveness form the foundation of Finnair's growth strategy.

Finnair Group business areas are Airline Business, Aviation Services and Travel Services. The number of personnel is approximately 7500. The subsidiaries provide support services to the Airline or operate in closely related areas.

Finnish government is a major shareholder with a 55.8 per cent holding. Other shareholders include public bodies, financial institutions, private companies and households. Approximately 12 per cent of the shares are owned by foreign shareholders.

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Finnair orders eight additional A350 XWBs

Finnair, a launch customer for the A350 XWB, has signed an agreement, firming up the order for eight additional A350-900s. Finnair was the first airline to select the...


Finnair will operate its flight from Helsinki to New York on 23 September with an Airbus A330 using environmentally sustainable biofuel, coinciding with the UN Climate Summit taking place in New York on the same day. As a leader in the sustainable development of commercial aviation, the airline b...

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