IUT ST-Etienne - Dpt Génie Mécanique et Productique

IUT ST-Etienne - Dpt Génie Mécanique et Productique

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The IUT includes courses in the DUT (University Diploma of Technology) in seven specialties, as well as undergraduate courses, some of them alternating, all with very high levels of success and a good insertion professional.

The IUT is also an important activity for continuing vocational training and graduate training.

The IUT collaborates actively with the industrial and economic world in the framework of research and transfer of technology.
It offers you the widest range of training sectors in the Rh-ne-Alpes region: a real rainbow of competence domains At the beginning of the sixties, Saint-Etienne grew Higher education. On March 27, 1969, the University of Saint-Etienne was officially created.
Since its beginnings, in line with its time, it has set up classical academic courses, which enables it to present practically all the disciplines and professional fi elds today. The beginning of the 1990s saw the creation of a school of engineers and a second IUT, Roanne in addition to that of Saint-Etienne, as well as a number of second- Third cycles.
Since its inception, it has also concentrated its efforts on lifelong learning and, in the context of the Rh-ne-Alpes region, defines research in the field of research.
In 1989, it took the name of Jean MONNET, the father of Europe. Fid the latter, in 2003-2004, it graduates the European time by adopting the LMD (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) system.

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