langue fr ICON Aircraft - 29/08/2019

ICON Aircraft Visits Alpine Airpark

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ICON Aircraft recently visited the community at Alpine Airpark in Alpine, Wyoming. Residents and guests of this breathtaking airpark, located about 45 minutes south of Jackson, WY, had an opportunity to meet members of the ICON Demo Team and to fly the ICON A5 for the first time. Alpine Airpark (46U) has a field elevation of 5,637 ft MSL with density altitudes often in excess of 8,000 ft in the summer months.

Operating a piston aircraft at high-density altitudes requires careful preflight planning and evaluation of the environmental conditions. However, Palisades Reservoir, just to the north of Alpine Airpark offered a remarkable setting for this close-knit community to experience adventure flying in the ICON A5 and to land an airplane on the water for the first time.

The ICON A5 is a light sport, amphibious aircraft built for adventure and recreation. Most of our videos and imagery feature the blue waters of South Florida and the Bahamas or the coastal terrain of California, so we were excited to introduce the A5 to the beautiful backdrop and mountainous terrain of Wyoming, in addition to some of the experienced pilots in the area.

Check out the recap of our weekend in Alpine, and take in the great inflight reactions and the amazing around views from around the airpark. If you're interested in demoing the ICON A5 in your area, please click the link above to connect with a local demo team and visit for more information on deliveries and aircraft pricing.