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Amphenol Nexus Technologies

Amphenol Nexus Technologies was founded in 1961 by William H. Flanagan and Randolph K. Byers to perfect the design and manufacture of superior quality audio plugs, jacks and MIL-S-8805/3 push-button switches. In 1998 Mr. Byers retired and Fred Farahani acquired shares in Nexus, Inc. and became a partner with Mr. Flanagan. With Fred's new direction in sales and development, the product base expanded to include a miniature line of connectors. In 2008, Amphenol purchased Nexus, Inc. and formed Amphenol Nexus Technologies offering worldwide sales support, while still maintaining Nexus' strong commitment to customer support and development. Since 1961, Amphenol Nexus Technologies connectors have become the standard in military and commercial communication headset markets.

Today, Amphenol Nexus Technologies connectors are typically specified in OEM headset applications where "breakaway-style" audio connectors are required. Amphenol Nexus Technologies switches have a very strong, 'tactile-feedback' feature that makes them ideal for applications that require a positive means of knowing that the switch has actuated. In addition, Amphenol Nexus Technologies switches are designed for applications that require a durable, reliable and cost effective switching means. Other applications of Amphenol Nexus Technologies audio connectors and pushbutton switches are in Auto Racing, Powerboat Racing, Telecommunications, Simulation Controls, Medical Products, Farm Equipment, and Commercial Aviation Electronics.

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