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Since 1994...
MECANO ID supports its customers from Space, Nuclear and Aeronautics sectors in the development of predominantly mechanical and thermal systems ubjected to harsh environments and require efficient and robust project management.

Challenging application sectors
MECANO ID develops its expertise in challenging sectors dealing with harsh environmental conditions and qualification requirements:
-Space sector: Telecommunications, Science, Observation and Exploration areas
-Nuclear sector: Nuclear research and decommissioning areas
-Industry: Other sectors such as Aerospace, Defence or Automotive

3 complementary skills:
Mechanical systems engineering and development: MECANO ID ensures project management of complete developments or supports projects carried out by customers. For projects integrating other disciplines, MECANO ID relies on specialized partners or qualified subcontractors and ensures full traceability at all stages.

Composite development and manufacturing: With its multidisciplinary expertise, MECANO ID provides a unique approach including design, sizing, manufacturing and testing of high performance composite parts.

Mechanical and thermal tests: Thanks to the expertise gained over more than 15 years, MECANO ID Test Laboratory offers high value added services, in compliance with specific aeronautics and space requirements while providing reactivity and planning flexibility required for equipment testing.

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